Time. Time is the foundation of moments that we experience in life. As storytellers, we create a visual that is timeless. It’s truly our passion to curate such a unique experience and to immerse ourselves in your joys, your sentiments, and values. Our goal is to document each moment that defines your love on that most important day. We believe in capturing the love, the laughs, and joyful tears, compiling these intimate moments into a heart-warming and emotional film that will help make this day unforgettable. We aim to capture not only the breath taking moments, but also just the little things – that may have just gone unnoticed. We want to take your delicate memories and forge a keepsake that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

ABOUT Desmond 
I never knew I would have the ability to make such an impact on someone’s life as I do with wedding filmmaking. It’s truly a great joy of mine to be apart of such a special day. What’s amazing though, is it seems as these opportunities give us the chance to make lifelong friendships with our couples! Their family, friends, and children will see their story and in just a small way we are able to be apart of it. I fell in love with my better half, Kristy, in 2010! We were high school sweethearts and she continues to make me the happiest man alive! Working alongside her is awesome! Her ambition and organization keeps me in line and she’s definitely the fuel to my fire. I couldn’t imagine filming weddings without her.

ABOUT Kristy


One day I can never forget is our wedding day, but it was all such quick blur!!! From saying your vows, to watching those closest to you share in your special day, to heartfelt dances and kind words, to even the anxious moments you encounter before the ceremony…these moments come and go. Having our wedding filmed, those intimate moments, was one of the best decisions we made in our wedding planning. We created "Meant To Be Films" shortly after we were married. Being able to share the same passion alongside my husband, and constantly bouncing creative ideas off of each other is one of the things I cherish the most. We have a wonderful marriage together, I never knew high school sweethearts would result into something so amazing! We take on parts of our business that fit us best and we excel in each of those areas - we really are 2 peas in pod. I truly feel I have the best coworker on the planet. Our passion and drive reflects in the work we produce and we only push each other to become better!

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